Tele Consult

Sometimes you just want a little support from an expert. We’re here to help.

We understand when you’re new in business, or like to manage as much as you can yourself, you hit road blocks where you’re out of your depth, and need a little help.

We have a range of click to buy templates at that can help.

You may buy a template and have some questions, or just want to talk directly to an expert and aren’t sure who to call.

We offer a Tele Consult with a Tax or Legal expert to give you that help you need. We charge in half increments to give you a little support… or a lot. We take calls from accountants, business owners and individuals.

This is ideal for people who:

  • need to make sure they get the best result they can but who want to do it for the lowest possible cost
  • are willing to put in the work themselves after receiving proper guidance

This new service has been incredibly successful.  We trialed this with three tax tribunal cases and all three resulted in a victory for our client.   The sample is small, but so far, it’s a 100% success rate.

Why it helps to get our advice?

  • Sometimes you understand your business much better than our team does, by dipping in for support you save time (and money) getting us across your unique needs
  • The ATO is different when they are dealing with what they perceive to be an every day person to someone who knows what they are talking about.  When you use can use the right language, and understand your entitlements, you will get treated more fairly
  • Not all Accountants are as across Tax Law as our team, it helps that we have in house Lawyers. A quick call for advice or input can help save your client thousands and help you to move forward efficiently
  • There is no point paying for something you are willing to do yourself.  Our advice can help you win your case, receiving more money, for a lower fee than if you engaged us to completely manage your matter. It’s a win-win!