Our Difference

What do we do?

All things tax

The entire lifecycle of tax work (all things tax) – starting from advice and accounting through to disputes (objections) and Court work (Court and AAT). To achieve this, we have qualified accountants and tax lawyers to bring the right skills to play at each stage of the process.

Government grants

We support business growth by helping apply for Government Grants and other opportunities that come up. Once you are with us, we will monitor opportunities for you and advise you of any opportunities that we come across.

Make money from your accounting

We support business growth through our accounting services by converting financial decisions into operational language. For example, we could prepare a budget or forecast based on what your business does on a daily basis, and this will then translate into financials to help you make better decisions.  For example, if you let us know your operational goals, e.g., number of sales per week, or type of business you are trying to grow, we can tell you what this means in terms of your expected profitability.

Legal Services

We support business growth through our legal services by assisting with common commercial legal requirements such as contracts, corporate issues, property (including leasing) and threats to the business for example through defamation.

Our method

  • Rapport and trust

    Disputes with the ATO do not always have to be resolved in a combative way. With close to 20 years’ experience, we have developed relationships of mutual trust with a number of our counterparts at the ATO and where issues can be resolved amicably our preference is to do so..

  • Planning and preparation

    We believe that planning and preparation are the keys to success. Prevention is better than cure.  When providing tax advice, we are able to complete the entire chain to ensure quality and confidence in the outcome.  Specifically, we can provide advice, prepare any relevant documents and also ensure that the tax returns and compliance is consistent.  To do this, we will use our tax lawyers or accountants as appropriate during the course of any engagement to ensure that the best skill level is assigned to each task at any time.

  • Your success through our expertise

    Over the years we have observed that our more successful clients tend to be very organised and aware of what is occurring within their businesses. We try to help you look ahead in our areas of expertise (tax, accounting and legal) to give your business an edge, make life easier for you, and give you the greatest chance of success.

  • Finding the best solution

    Unfortunately, a lot of people in the industry will simply identify the problems but not offer solutions. This is in part driven by the regulatory environment surrounding professional services which encourages this kind of behaviour.  Other times the advice is technically right but completely useless as it is not grounded in any understanding of the business or the situation.  It is pointless to provide someone with a problem when our expertise is to provide a solution.  We will always try to find the best solution we can for any given problem and not simply throw the problem back at you.