Do you want to live or work in Australia?

People say immigration is complicated.  It is true that there are a lot of rules and that these rules change frequently, but the process and question doesn’t change:  what is the best path for you to come and work, study or live in Australia?

The key is to build a strategy with a sound foundation.  You want to put your best case forward when you apply, because it is often very difficult and costly to appeal.  We can find the best pathway to Australia for you.

If we don’t think your pathway will work, then we will tell you.  There is no point submitting an application that will be rejected.  It is better to submit one that will be accepted, even if it takes more time to do. Having said that, if you do find yourself having to appeal, it will be based on a strong application, giving you more chance of turning over the decision.

Our areas include:

• Employer sponsored migration
• Family visas including parents, spouse, partners and carers
• Skilled permanent and temporary visas
• Business skilled visas
• Refugee and humanitarian visas
• Student visas

What are the advantages of our firm?


We speak multiple languages.  This is because our staff are from all over the world, which means we not only speak your language, but we understand your customs, and are able to explain the Australian rules by reference to rules that you will be familiar with in your home country.


Our clients include prospective employers and we do connect people who are looking for sponsorship with our clients who are looking for people to sponsor.

Customer focus

Our clients always have direct access to speak with an immigration specialist. All cases are managed by expert responsible person from beginning to end. We maintain regular contact with our clients regarding their specific cases and responds to any inquiries as expeditiously as possible.

Reputation for success

Our firm strives to provide successful results for our clients in all legal areas by considering all appropriate, viable options and recommending the most efficient and cost effective methods of achieving our clients’ goals.


Our firm represents business and individuals throughout Australia. Our firm can serve your immigration needs regardless of where you are located in Australia or around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions regarding Australian visas, Australian citizenship, bringing visas, health requirements and much more.

A Bridging visa is a temporary visa. It allows you to stay in Australia after your current substantive visa ceases and while your substantive visa application is being processed.

• Bridging visa A (BVA): A BVA does not allow you to return to Australia if you leave.
• Bridging visa B (BVA): It allows you to leave and return to Australia while your application for a substantive visa is being processed. Provided you return to Australia within the specified travel period. A BVB will then allow you to stay in Australia while your substantive visa application is being processed. You can hold a substantive visa and a BVB at the same time.
• Bridging visa C (BVA): A BVC can be granted if you lodge an application in Australia for a substantive visa but you do not already hold a substantive visa. A BVC does not allow you to return to Australia if you leave.
• Bridging visa D (BVA): If your substantive visa has ended, it lets you stay in Australia lawfully for a short time until you are able to make a substantive visa application, make arrangements to leave Australia or are granted a Bridging visa E (BVE). It does not let you work or re-enter Australia if you leave.
• Bridging visa E (BVA): If your substantive visa has ended, it lets you stay in Australia lawfully while you make arrangements to leave, finalise your immigration matter or are waiting for an immigration decision. It does not let you re-enter Australia if you leave.

The Department of Immigration and Border Patrol aim to process your Australian citizenship application in 80 days. You must meet all of the following:

• have lived in Australia on a valid Australian visa for four years immediately before applying
• must have been a permanent resident for the 12 months immediately before making an application and not have been absent from Australia for more than one year in total, during the four year period, including no more than 90 days in the 12 months before applying.
• Meet the character test

Australian migration laws and rules allow for the extensive discretion of immigration officers, exercised within precise limits.
A clear and concise application that addresses the key issues can be assessed more effectively, meaning visas are issued faster.
• Business Skilled categories
Business categories require an applicant to have experience managing a company or investment.
Different visa officers may reach different conclusions. One might conclude managing a large department of a company qualifies, another may not.
An experienced lawyer will know how to present experience effectively.
The Australian immigration system is always changing to meet the policies of the government of the day.
Visa offices also have specific requirements, which are often not transparent. Success can depend on satisfying these requirements.
All our migration agents are experience in Australian immigration and will address issues open to discretion in the application.
A skilled migration agent will also highlight any issues with the assessment process, which are most often corrected without need for legal action.
The decision to move to Australia either permanently or temporarily is life-changing for a family. A registered migration agent can help maximize the benefits of the decision and give guidance on issues arising once permanent residency is achieved.

The genuine temporary entrant (GTE) requirement is an integrity measure to ensure that the student visa programme is used as intended and not as a way for international students to maintain ongoing residency in Australia.

The GTE requirement applies to all student visa applicants. The officer assessing the visa application considers whether the individual circumstances of the student indicates that their intention is for a temporary stay in Australia.
You must satisfy the assessing officer that you have a genuine intention to stay in Australia temporarily.

Student visa financial capacity requirements
Depending on your current passport and where you are going to study in Australia, you might need show evidence that you have enough money that is genuinely available to you to pay for your course fees, travel and living costs for you and your accompanying family members while you are in Australia.
You may need to provide specified documentary evidence of your financial capacity with your visa application.

To be granted a Partner visa as a de facto partner (opposite-sex or same-sex), you and your sponsor must show that you have been in a committed de facto relationship for the entire 12 months immediately prior to lodging your application.

Note that this 12 month period is assessed from the time the relationship became a de facto partner relationship, and not from the time you first met.

You will need to provide extensive evidence to show your relationship is genuine and ongoing

You may not be able to sponsor your partner if you have previously sponsored 2 other partners for migration to Australia; or have sponsored another partner within the last 5 years or were sponsored as a partner yourself within the last 5 years;
You may still be permitted to sponsor your partner in compelling circumstances, such as:
If your previous partner has died or abandoned the relationship leaving young children;
if your relationship with your current partner is long standing; or if you and your partner have children of your relationship.

Each visa has a different pricing structure and final figure. The cost within some visas include the Department of Immigration and Border Patrol (DIBP) application charge, Skills Assessment application fee, IELTS test (if required), Medical examination, Police clearance certificate fee, translation and document certification charges and our professional services fee.

Contact our team today to find out the latest and up to date pricing on all Australian visas.

Everyone who wants to enter or stay in Australia must satisfy the character requirement test. This includes all non-citizens, sponsors of visa applicants and non-migrating family members seeking to enter or stay in Australia.

Entering or remaining in Australia is a privilege, and it is expected that non-citizens are, and have been, law-abiding. Visa holders must also continue to satisfy the character requirement.

The character test normally would require you to have no substantial criminal records or would in a risk of engage in criminal conduct while you are in Australia.
There are other factors, please contact Adam Ahmed & Co for more information on the character test requirements.

Australia enjoys some of the best health standards in the world. In order to maintain these standards people who want to migrate permanently, or stay in Australia temporarily, must satisfy the health requirement specified in the Migration Regulations.
Applicants for certain visas also need to have adequate health insurance cover for the duration of their stay in Australia.

What you will need to do to meet the health requirement will depend on your individual circumstances and the visa that you have applied, or intend to apply for.
There are different health requirements for permanent, provisional and temporary visas. It is important that you comply with these health requirements to ensure your visa isn’t refused.

To gain an Australian visa, you will need to demonstrate your English abilities to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

IELTS is one of the world’s most popular high-stakes English language tests, with over 3 million tests taken in the past year. And it’s the English test of choice for educational organisations, professional associations and employers across Australia. In fact, all universities and colleges in Australia accept IELTS, as well as all professional associations that have set minimum language requirements for professional registration.

The IELTS score you need depends on the requirements of your visa, and the organisation where you plan to study or work.

Most Skilled visas for immigration to Australia require applicants to score a minimum number of points on the points test, with points being awarded for English proficiency, age, experience, etc. You must meet the minimum points required to be granted the visa.

Build a solid immigration application with Adam Ahmed & Co. Our expertise with legal matters means we can also represent you in the Tribunal or at Court.