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Our Leaders

Steven Wilson

Managing Director

My key skills are commercial negotiation and strategic thinking. I’ve successfully managed tax audits, disputes and other tax issues (including tax planning) more times than I can count.
I’ve helped clients claim millions of dollars in Government grants. I’ve negotiated some very favourable commercial deals, some of which have large payouts (recently had a developer added another ‘0’ to the end of their offer).
I’m happy to share my track record with you. God knows my wife is sick of hearing about it.
I focus on:

Tax law – domestic and international – tax planning, transactions and disputes
Asset protection – including liquidation and insolvency
Commercial transactions and negotiations
Negotiating property transactions
Government grants
Maximizing business potential
I can speak Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi (on occasion) and I also pretend I can speak Spanish, Malay, Tamil and Cantonese.

Alice Parker

Engagement Manager

Daniel Smith

Business Analyst