BEPS Action 11 – Measuring and Monitoring BEPS

BEPS Action 11 “Measuring and monitoring BEPS” aims to establish methodologies to collect and analyse data on BEPS and the actions to address it. The OECD intends to do this by developing recommendations regarding indicators of the scale and economic impact of BEPS and ensure that tools are available to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness and economic impact of the actions taken to address BEPS on an ongoing basis.

One of the aims of this Action is that the OECD works with governments to report and analyse more corporate tax statistics (such as statistical analyses based upon Country-by-Country Reporting) and to present them in an internationally consistent way.

The Final Report on BEPS Action 11 assessed currently available data and methodologies and concluded that significant limitations severely constrain economic analyses of the scale and economic impact of BEPS and improved data and methodologies are required.

The Final Report on Action 11 recommends taking better advantage of available tax data and improving analyses to support the monitoring of BEPS in the future.
Enhancing the economic analysis and monitoring of BEPS will require countries to improve the collection, compilation and analysis of data.

Australia’s response

The Australian Government has not yet responded officially to the recommendations in the Final Report on BEPS Action 11.