Export Market Development Grants at a glance

The Research and Development Grant
Employee Grant (Small Business Grant)
The Export Market Development Grant
Export Market Development Grants at a glance

The Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) scheme is designed to help businesses that have customers who are foreigners.

It encourages businesses to increase international marketing and promotion expenditure to achieve more sustainable international sales.

An Australian individual, partnership, company, association, cooperative or statutory corporation that has:
› carried on business in Australia
› promoted the export of goods
› promoted the delivery of services outside Australia
› promoted certain services in Australia to non-residents
› promoted inbound tourism
› promoted the export of intellectual property and know-how outside Australia
› an income of less than $50 million for the year
› spent at least $15,000 on eligible export promotional activities.
A trustee may also apply on behalf of a trust.

› overseas representation expenses
› marketing consultant expenses
› marketing visits expenses
› free samples expenses
› trade fairs, seminars, in-store promotions expenses
› promotional literature and advertising expenses
› overseas buyers expenses
› registration and/or insurance of eligible intellectual property expenses.

› up to 50 per cent reimbursement of eligible expenses, less the fi rst $5,000
› each applicant may receive a grant of up to $150,000 per application, to a maximum of eight annual grants
› grants are regarded asassessable for income tax purposes (think of it as either a GST free sale)
› the Australian Taxation Office has confirmed that GST will not apply to Export Market Development Grants.

Expenses that:
› are of a capital nature
› relate to sales or product development
› are fraudulent, unsubstantiated or related to an illegal activity.
The GST component of incurred expenses cannot be claimed under Export Market Development Grants.

Industry associations and joint ventures are able to seek ‘special approval’ status  to enable them to apply for a grant. Special approval status is effective for five years from the approval date. If you would like further information about how to apply for these special status categories please contact us.

Free 15 minute consultation if you want to talk through whether you qualify with us

If you think you might qualify and want to talk it through with someone, we offer a free 15 minute consultation.

We guarantee that at the end of the free consultation:

  • You will know if you qualify or not
  • You will have a rough idea of how much you can claim, or be able to work out how much you can claim

If you do not receive this after the first 15 minute consultation, we will get you a second free 15 minute consultation and 10% off our fees if you apply for the export grant through us.